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We Make Ugly Pools Look New!

Whether you need pool plastered, a durable new pebble re-surfacing, tile replacement or deck renovation, AE and Sons’ skilled craftsmen will make your pool look like new... and at the best prices in the valley!...

Here’s one of our transformations:

  This pool had plaster problems. The owner didn’t want to continue with painting and high maintenance issues. We recommended a Pebble Finish. Our crew began removing the old plaster to make way for the renovation!
  With all the problematic plaster removed, the crew then removed the water line tile for replacement with new tile to compliment the pebble finish!
  The pool and spa surfaces are now ready for AE and Sons’ crew to begin installing the durable pebble finish and new tile.
  The surrounding pool area is covered and protected while our skilled crew gets to work installing the new, colorful pebble finish!
  Our rugged pebble finish is available in a variety of colors to accent your pool and surrounding landscaping. You can expect years of maintenance service with our work!
  Our pool resurfacing specialists work the new pebble surface to achieve a rich, natural look... ready for you and your pool guests to enjoy!
  New tile was installed to compliment and accent the new pebble finish. The pool can be filled the next day!
  Another satisfied customer!

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